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TRAININGS and Workshops
Karen Moore, OTR/L

There are two factors that make these presentations effective as well as inspirational:

The first is the use of many case stories that speak to the efficacy of this treatment approach.

The second is a "see, touch, try, apply" educational style that makes the seminars fun and interactive.

Sensory Connection Program Trainings

Full-Day Multidisciplinary Trainings

karen mooreThese trainings are individually designed for the needs of each facility. Common topics include background information on the senses, self-regulation strategies to eliminate the need for seclusion and restraint, sensory issues related to different diagnoses and problematic behaviors, safety tools and crisis intervention plans, group and individual treatment ideas, and environmental enhancement including sensory rooms and sensory kits. Trainings always include experiential opportunities and application labs to help participants integrate information and begin to set goals for implementation of sensory approaches.
Please follow this link for an example outline for a full-day multidisciplinary training. (pdf file format)

Half-Day Supplementary Training

half day trainingMany facilities have found an additional half day of training useful for the training of key staff members to facilitate implementation of sensory approaches. The schedule of this training is entirely dependent on the needs and concerns of the program or facility and it can vary widely. Sometimes it includes a visit to treatment areas or to sensory rooms for recommendations. Some programs want more information or developing a Sense-ability Group. Often programs want input on dealing with difficult cases or with specific challenges to implementation of restraint reduction initiatives.
Please follow this link for examples of topics for an additional half-day training. (pdf file format)


For additional information or to arrange a training program please click here and more information will be sent to you via e-mail.


Feedback from a training for an adolescent treatment center in Rhode Island entitled "Sensory Approaches to Treatment":

"The training was absolutely fantastic! It was a huge hit with the staff and many are actively working on implementing the information with clients."

Feedback from a web conference for state facilities in Virginia entitled "Calming Rooms: Successful and Unsuccessful Strategies.":

"Everyone thought the web conference was a 10!"
"Thanks so much Karen! The attendees from both our hospital and outside the hospital really appreciated the presentation and found it very informative and gave them enthusiasm to try new sensory modalities in their settings. It really got the OTs here thinking and excited about doing the next step with our calming rooms."

Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute

"The Sensory Connection Program Web Conference offered a very economical option for us to involve a large number of staff for a minimal cost"
Western State Hospital - Virginia

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